Gloria Sofia

O Autor

Glória Sofia is a dreamer as most poets. Born in in the city of Praia in Cape Verde, Gloria shares her dreams with her two children.

She graduated in Engineering and Environmental Management in the Azores, another place that she cherishes for allowing her to continue to be an islander. 

Gloria is currently pursuing her masters in Management and Nature Conservation in Holland where she lives.

Ever fascinated by writing, she has played with words since she was a child, exchanging dolls for diaries, and finding comfort when her secrets and thoughts are guarded in a white page.

Gloria’s poems capture moments of her journey and are full of passion and the emotions as the author herself.

Gloria has grown to make her voice heard in different arenas, believing that in addition to writing about feelings she also needs to speak, shout or take action on some realities. 

Among other poetry sites she collaborates with the online newspaper of magazine in the world.

She is also active in other cultural arenas, attending several poetry festivals and sharing her work in numerous websites and magazines (youngpoets.eu, Azahar, Miombo Publishing Lepan Africa etc...).

She participated in International Poetry Festival in (Curtea de Arges) Romania (2016), (Istanbul) Turkey (2017), Ditet & Naimit Macedonia / Albania (2018).

She was nominated to apply for R. M. and P.A.I 

She has been invited for 3 University from Boston (April 2019). Harvard University, Tufts University and Boston University for reading and conversation about genre and literature.


She's also represented her country Cape Verde in VIII Conference in Portuguese Language Literature UMass Boston.


He wrote the preface to the book "Florescer" by the writer Teresa Ruas.

Gloria’s poems are also interpreted by the singer Américo Brito and by the batuque group Lantuna. 

She play guitar in group “Grupo Som de Paz” and write muziek for batuque group “Casa Tiberias”

Her poetry has been translated into more than 10 languages. She is member to groups immagine&poesia, world literature academy, unión mundial de poetas por la paz y la libertad.

She is the Author of the books:

Poetry of Tears (2013);

Ties of Poetry (Brial Publishing, 2014);

Abriel (2018)– Children’s Book - Brial Publishing House 2018 (Bilingual English- Portuguese);

Little Bear - Children’s Book - United-pc publishing, 2019 ( Bilingual Portuguese - Nederland).

Translate book:

Rubans de Poesie (Versão Francesa 2015);

Intricci di Poesia (Versão Italiana Editora Brial 2016);

Lazos de Poesìas (Versão Espanola Editora Brial 2017);


Anthology e-book - immagine poesia – Italia (2020);

Devour, Art & Lit Canada, 2020;

“Colectânea "PanDemia Das PaLavras”, Portugal 2020;

“Without Fear of Infamy” poetry anthology by Scurfpea Publishing;

Anthology "Our Voices Our Stories": (2019) Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color, 

SS Rotterdam Story Promotion (2019);

Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World’ (360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries) 2019 published by Authorspress, New Delhi, India

Anthology on the theme "Being a Woman” (2019) Cabo Verde

Antologia Mundial De Poesia: “La papa, seguridad alimentaria - Bolivia 2018

Ditet & Naimit (Tentovo Macedonia 2018);

2º concurso literário de Edicoes Vieira da Silva Publishing by Edições Vieira da Silva, (2018);

Anthology e-book - immagine poesia – Italia (2018);

Anthology New Creative Anteriority Vol-1 – India 2018;

Poesis 20 Antologia Festival International Noptile de Poezie de La Curtea De Arges,2016);

Mingle Voice 2017 Proverse Hong Kong;

Horizonte de poesia (Antologia 2015 Editora Euedito);

Palavras da alma (Antologia 2015, Editora Brial).